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David Hecht named a NatGeo Society Young Explorer


David Hecht, PhD student in Integrative Conservation and Anthropology, received a National Geographic Society Young Explorers Grant to support continuing project work in Bhutan, entitled “Collaborative Watershed Mapping & White-bellied Heron Conservation in S. Central Bhutan”. The grant is administered … More ›

Kristen Lear named a 2016 BCI Scholar


ICON & Forestry and Natural Resources student Kristen Lear has been named a 2016 Bat Conservation International Scholar. Commenting on her award, Kristen notes “I’m super excited about this because since I started working with bats as an undergrad I’ve aspired … More ›

Brian Crawford examines drivers’ attitudes toward wildlife


Featured Researcher: Brian Crawford

ICON student Brian Crawford and coauthor Kimberly Andrews quantify attitudes towards different wildlife in their recent study, “Drivers’ attitudes toward wildlife-vehicle collisions with reptiles and other taxa” published in Animal Conservation. Of their findings, Brian observes: “Drivers’ attitudes toward animals … More ›

Featured Student: Sara Heisel


Sara Heisel

Sara Heisel is a PhD candidate in the Odum School of Ecology and Integrative Conservation Program. For her PhD she is studying Grevy’s zebra. Grevy’s zebra are considered endangered as there are only 2,500 of these animals left in the … More ›

ICON’s Karen Allen examines trade-offs in nature tourism


Karen in the field

Congratulations to ICON & Anthropology PhD candidate Karen Allen on her recent publication, “Trade-offs in nature tourism: contrasting parcel-level decisions with landscape conservation planning” in the journal Ecology and Society. Allen’s work suggests that nature tourism has supported forest regrowth in Monteverde, … More ›

NSF GRFP for ICON Student Kristen Lear


Kristen working in the field in Texas as an undergrad.

We want to commend Kristen Lear for being awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from NSF! Kristen is a new student in the ICON and Forestry & Natural Resources PhD program. The title of her proposed project is “Ecosystem Services and … More ›

Two Grants Awarded to ICON’s Sara Heisel



Major kudos to Sara Heisel, ICON and Ecology student, on the recent receipt of grants from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (for “Loss of genetic diversity and environmental stress: Implications for the management of Grevy’s zebra populations”) and the … More ›