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Brian Crawford examines drivers’ attitudes toward wildlife


Featured Researcher: Brian Crawford

ICON student Brian Crawford and coauthor Kimberly Andrews quantify attitudes towards different wildlife in their recent study, “Drivers’ attitudes toward wildlife-vehicle collisions with reptiles and other taxa” published in Animal Conservation. Of their findings, Brian observes: “Drivers’ attitudes toward animals … More ›

Tara Gancos Crawford publishes in Coastal Management


Tara Gancos Crawford, ICON & Forestry and Natural Resources PhD student, and co-authors have a research article “Learning from Ecosystem-Based Management in Practice” included in the recent issue of Coastal Management. Link to full text included below. Leslie, H., L. Sievanen, T. Gancos … More ›

ICON’s Karen Allen examines trade-offs in nature tourism


Karen in the field

Congratulations to ICON & Anthropology PhD candidate Karen Allen on her recent publication, “Trade-offs in nature tourism: contrasting parcel-level decisions with landscape conservation planning” in the journal Ecology and Society. Allen’s work suggests that nature tourism has supported forest regrowth in Monteverde, … More ›