Symposium on Integrative Conservation (SIC)

The main objective of SIC is to cultivate interactions between cohorts of ICON students from around the UGA campus in multiple departments and to promote continued dialogue throughout their tenure in the program. A second objective of SIC is to facilitate interaction with the broader academic community at UGA. The ICON program seeks to train future scholars capable of engaging with a diversity of people working both in research and practice on the most pressing social and environmental challenges. To effectively do this, it is necessary to encounter the insights, perspectives, and methodologies of multiple disciplines as part of the educational experience. SIC is intended to enhance these aspects of the ICON Ph.D. Program by providing a space for the exchange of ideas between students and faculty interested in integrative research and practice.

SIC is held in the early part of the Spring Semester each year (normally late January/early February). The full programs with titles, authors, and abstracts from each year are available in the sidebar to the right.