Peer Review Group

Peer review is an essential part of our professional education. In particular, for ICON students it provides not only the potential for constructive feedback on both ideas and the conveyance of ideas, but also an opportunity to expose ourselves to interdisciplinary epistemic practices. Materials, unless otherwise requested, will only be reviewed by other ICON students. This is a judgement-free opportunity for professional growth.

The types of works that can be submitted for critique include, but are not limited to:
1.) Dissertations
2.) Prospectuses
3.) Manuscripts for publications
4.) Grant proposals
5.) Poster Presentations
6.) Professional Talks
7.) Strategic communications (talks, press releases, web sites)

Submission Guidelines:
– Groups will be organized on an as needed basis. If you have work you would like to have reviewed, please email
– We ask that written works be shared at least one week from the scheduled peer review meeting date (longer works, like dissertations, require two weeks). Presentations (talks and posters) can be brought on the day of the review meeting.
– When notifying of your request for written works, please indicate what type of review you would like (structure, grammar, content etc.) and where you are in the writing process, with any specific concerns you have. We will convey this to the reviewers.
– Formatting: Please number pages and lines in order to assist reviewers in referring to specific sections and submit files in Word format.