Brown Bag Seminar Series

ICON and CICR coordinate a monthly brown bag series during the fall and spring semesters. Presenters include faculty, staff, students, and practitioners. We are always seeking new presenters; if you are interested in presenting at a future brown bag please contact Talley Vodicka.

Past Brown Bags

9/30/2015: “Going public: Pursuing community engaged geospatial research” (Jerry Shannon)
10/28/2015: “Tallying wins and losses in local river advocacy: Is science informing policy?” (Kyle McKay)
11/18/2015: “The Luxury of Outdoor Education in our Community” (Chris Taylor)
2/24/2016: “Conservation in Georgia” (Robert Ramsay)
3/30/2016: “Engaging and Empowering Georgian’s to Enjoy and Protect our Rivers from the Mountains to Coast” (Gwyneth Moody)
4/27/2016: “Water Conservation Issues in Georgia” (Gil Rogers)
9/26/2014: “Using Public Participation GIS as a Tool for Wildlife Conservation” (Cody Cox); “Utilizing Critical Mixed-method Approaches to Analyze Resource Management and Policy Outcomes” (Rachel Will); “Local Perceptions of Environmental and Economic Change in Dare County, NC” (Emily Ayscue)
10/22/2014: “Spatio-temporal Patterns of Animal Movements Related to Habitat Characteristics and Wildlife Conservation” (Marguerite Madden)
11/13/2014: “Negotiating integrative-ness in proposals, dissertations, practice, jobs, and academia: Suggestions from over twenty-five years in natural and social sciences” (Julie Velasquez Runk)
1/21/2015: Workshop on Giving Public Presentations (Brian Crawford, Scott Shamp, and Jim Kennedy)
3/27/2015: “How to Improvise: Adventures in Sustainable Action” (Beth Preston)
4/27/2015: “Informing water management decisions with ecological models” (Kyle McKay)
9/4/2013: “When Local Comes to Town: Racial Governance and Agricultural Change in the South Carolina Lowcountry” (Levi Van Sant, Panel Response by Brian Burke, Sarah Workman, and Shannon Bonney)
10/9/2013: “No Joking! Cities as Forces for Good in the Environment” (Bruce Beck)
11/13/2013: “Developing Population Models and Decision-Support Tools for Public Alligator Harvest Programs in the Southeast: Ideas for Integrative Research and a Request for Feedback” (Tara Crawford)
2/26/2014: “ICON Internships: Triumphs and Challenges” (Jennifer Demoss, Brian Crawford, and Walker Depuy)
3/26/2014: “Understanding and Adapting to Change in Coastal Systems” (Merryl Alber, Deepak Mishra, and Jason Evans)
4/30/2014: “Critical Perspectives on Interdisciplinarity” (Nicholas Allen)
11/9/2012: “Collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance to promote stream protection in tropical agro-ecosystems” (Rebeca de Jesus-Crespo); “Heritage and nature conservation: An Andean trilemma amidst politics of translation in Ecuador” (Fausto Sarmiento)
12/5/2012: “When Local Comes to Town: Sustainability, Social Justice, and Local Food Systems” (Levi Van Sant); “Using economic valuation to inform conservation decisions” (Rebecca Moore)
2/27/2013: “Transboundary water management institutions and the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Basin” (Shannon Bonney); “Sea level rise planning on the Georgia coast: Adaptive learning in the messy intersections of science, policy and economy” (Jason Evans)
3/29/2013: “Virtual-world management strategy evaluation and real-world conservation” (Brian Irwin)
4/14/2013: “Rebuilding Mid-Scale Infrastructure – Food Hubs in Georgia” (Julia W. Gaskin); “Social Acceptability of Wood-based Bioenergy in the U.S. South” (Sarah Hitchner and John Schelhas)